Julia Rogers

Ancestral Guide

  where it all begins

A new body of work concentrating on the ties  that bind us. Inherited genetic makeup associated with what we do, our interests and motivations.

I come from a family of makers.

Paternally I have boat builders, marine engineers, mechanics, blacksmiths, builders and constructors. 

Maternally it was feminine work of seamstresses, uphostery, cooking, nursing, care work and running a house.

I love problem solving, counting, measuring, noticing coincidences and patterns.  My starting point is my ancestry from which point I can expand. I use these intuitive skills to create  and pass onto the next generation.


Available in different sizes

Custom design

working with prints and drawings of mine Poppy has taken it a stage further and applied her magic.

Premium ink

Strangely this one looks like a tatoo and is inspired by a map of the ancient land I grew up on and a print of the back of my hand. froma work titled 'I know my love like the back of my hand'

Colour patterns

These patterns pieces are for an anatomical heart. I have used  amateur dressmakers pattern style to symbolise the love my mother would pour into everything she did for us.


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