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Hi, I'm Julia.

A black and white photograph of a fine artist in her home studio. She has short black hair and wears a stripey dress. She is slightly blurry as this photo is an action shot of her flicking through her loose work on an empty table. Directly behind her are some closed curtains and to the right of the image is several shelves packed with paints and art supplies.

My most recent solo show, "What If..." explored the macro & micro of coincidences, that exist in the inheritance of DNA to the universe that surrounds us. Explore my work here.

I am a conceptual installation & sculpture artist, working from my home studio in Ramsgate. 

My work connects fragments of nostalgia and remnants of human creation, exploring superstitious acts and social rituals, delving deep into the human psyche. 

I aim to provoke contemplation and spark emotional connections, bridging cultural & temporal divides.


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