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A black and white photograph of a fine artist in her home studio. She has short black hair and wears a stripey dress. She is slightly blurry as this photo is an action shot of her flicking through her loose work on an empty table. Directly behind her are some closed curtains and to the right of the image is several shelves packed with paints and art supplies.
In the studio.
A vintage painters ladder stands in a gallery space with sunlight beaming across it. The ladder has four steps, on the third one from the bottom there is a bible laid open with a magnifying glass on top. On the top step there is a perspex sheet filling the hole that is engraved in a blackletter font with the following: 30:9-14.
A vintage mirror thats silver has eroded over the years stands balanced on a white shelf in the corner of a room. The frame is white and all but missing except a small part at the top, leaving the glass without much of a frame. This piece is very much in the artempo style, with the objects artist aesthetic being bought about by time.
An art installation in a gallery with wooden floors, and a bare brick wall painted white. A bundle of charred sticks stand balanced on a low, white plinth. To the front left of the plinth is a white pillow with an indentation made in the middle.
A sculpture of a curious looking minotaur made of wire and paper clay. It appears to be stumbling forwards with one arm in the front and both feet balanced on the floor.
On the pebbled shore of Ramsgate beach sits a golden sculpture that looks part boat hull, part ribcage.
Folkloric 2017
A tall structure made of hundreds of wooden slats is piled high like a Jenga tower, curving as it goes up to create a fan effect. It has been lit on fire and is blazing a bright mix of orange, red and yellow.
A white circle with subdued pink light floats on a white background.
In a dark room, two people sit in front of a huge blue glowing screen that is having video art projected onto it.
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