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About the exhibition: Barometer

Large-scale abstract drawings of uninterrupted flowing lines responding to subtle changes in direction, pressure, volume, and media.

Packed full of energy and vitality, Rogers demonstrates her distinctive and playful spirit. She amplifies, alters, and repeats. Her gestures are large, using whole bodily movements. Unlike observational drawing where the hand translates what is seen immediately, these works empty out of the mind, responding to internal stimuli and are representative of the body in movement in a release of subconscious impulses.

When working Rogers will either move in total silence or in total immersion within a soundscape. Each renders different work, palettes, and compositions. Here you can visualise the flow of energy, the body reminded of light playing upon the water, or water trickling down a window, anticipating the sound each would make.

This body of work connects to the senses, the subconscious, and the environment. It is equally quiet, noisy, and melodic.

Barometer takes place at Fishslab Gallery, running March 8th - 13th, 2023.

10 am - 5 pm daily.

If you wish to discover more there will be talks on Wednesday 8th and Friday 10th March at 2 pm where the artist will talk about idea generation, process, and meaning, with space for questions after.

The opening evening is on March 9th, 5-8 pm, all are welcome.


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