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Unlimited print run.


The original work is 80x80cm and involved large gestural arm movements working in a meditative state, avoiding interruptions. The flow of ink reflects the nature of weather, determined by movement conditions of pressure, direction, and speed in relationship with the landscape of the paper & the rivulets that are formed.

Non Reflective (unsilvered)

Orders take up to 5 working days.
  • This work is a giclee print made with archival inks which means the ink will not fade. Each individual piece is hand embellished with silver leaf and signed. Printed on thick quality ice white paper and sold unframed.

    It is suggested that you take the work directly to a framer to avoid damage. If handling the work please make sure you have clean and oil free hands, wear a clean pair of gloves or clean socks on your hands to avoid finger marks.

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