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A moment of clarity

Last week in my weekly art history discussion group Voices on Art with the amazing Julia Jane Heckles I had an epiphany. We decided to present the session differently, give people the chance to choose work and explore what they are drawn to. Unusually I was drawn to some portraits. The expression on the subjects face haunted me. The face was locked into an internal stare of non vision, total absorption in an internal struggle. I find I am drawn to moments like this. Artwork that can convey a stillness, a freezing of time, distilling it and preserving it. Moments so ordinary and so extraordinary that they will be remembered. I recognise the look on a face that connects to my 'lost' moments. I realise that as creatives we connect with the feelings we get from art. The sentiments the artist has conveyed. It isn't always exactly what we see but what we feel in an artwork.

As a creator, it doesn't matter if we do it abstractly or realistically, through painting, sculpting, photography or any medium it is what and how we capture and create that makes the difference.


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